We Survive

We wake

rise and shine

but our lights are flickering

we eat

vultures in the haze

the taste is bitter yet we swallow

we roam

aimless and silent

our legs grow tired sooner than before

we sit

thinking and still

thoughts of then and when never now

we sleep

broken and lonely

our company cold as death

we live

lungs breathing heart beating

this is how we survive.

Daily prompt from The Daily Post: Survive


3 thoughts on “We Survive

  1. I love your poetry, Sweetie!
    Can you please write a poem about tiny breasts,
    and then send it to me via a comment? I will
    be happy to copy and paste it into a blog
    posting with a link back to your awesome blog!
    Thanks in Advance!

      • Thanks Sweetie!

        I love my body, and love my small boobies,
        and have plenty of confidence, and I enjoy
        encouraging other women of all ages, because
        many women need encouragement, praise,
        kind words, and such… in many areas of
        their lives!

        My blog was not intended to be as such,
        but it is quickly evolving into a platform
        for me to help lift up other girls of all ages!

        You Rock!

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