If each day began with your touch and a sigh,

I would never have to dread the night.



Impatiently waiting for the rest of you to find the rest of me


A fire pulsed through my veins

threatening to take me over the edge

When from his lips slipped the poison

drops of torture knocked me off of my feet

and into the arms of your darkness

casting a shadow over every thought that followed



Until You are Satisfied


This sadness is a sickness

Gnawing at my reason

I can’t hear my own voice

So I climb into your open mouth

Looking for a stage from which to scream

Hoping for an answer to my questions

Your tongue drags me deeper

There I whisper to you my secrets

But my words you cannot hear

You swallow me whole

You didn’t realise your mouth was full

I float through your gurgling stomach

Alone feeling sicker and sicker

You can’t feel me even though I’m right there

I do all I can to keep you alive

Working the cogs and gears that move you

But you never notice my efforts

You don’t see that I am down here drowning

You drain me without thought

Until you are satisfied.