His hands

the softest

they take mine

here we are


what was

is not

what is

is everything

his hands

hold mine

two hearts

finding something

this is it

this is all

no more

no one else


I am happy


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Dreams of You

I woke up from a dream of a life with you,

Your gentle hands held my heart,

And my fears fell away with each velvet kiss,

No fairy tale could compare to this truth,

I kissed your back and smiled as you turned to me,

Every morning we bring my dream life,

And nothing can ever take that away


For You

How can a love so strong exist?

My chest aches when I try to define it,

The world stops when I am beside you,

How can I put words to such a feeling?

Your eyes of innocence blind me,

Your gentle touch breaks every part of me,

Your beauty weakens me,

How is such purity possible in this devastating world?

To say I love you will never be enough,

To say you make this world a better place is too little,

You are my soul, my heart,

Without you, love would be but a word free from meaning,

You are love, and you are perfectly impossible.

Love is Alive

Love is alive.

He breathes, she moves, they feel,

Love finds comfort in the warmth of caring arms,

Finds peace in quiet company,

Love is sentient,

Love has a purpose,

Love’s will to live is just as yours.


Love is dying.

He panics, she cries, they tremble,

Love finds terror in the heart of the slaughter house,

Finds misery and pain in cruel company,

Love is sentient,

Love has a purpose,

Love’s will to live is just as yours.


Love is alive.


What happens to Love is in our hands.