His hands

the softest

they take mine

here we are


what was

is not

what is

is everything

his hands

hold mine

two hearts

finding something

this is it

this is all

no more

no one else


I am happy


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Love is This

Love is this, that, and the other

It is whatever, wherever, whenever

and above all,

Love is this ache, that pain, and the end of

feeling, dreaming, spreading wings


Love is knowing, waiting, forgiving, but never forgetting

spaghetti hoops, hummus and bagels

on nights that we jet off,

whilst sleeping with stains on pillow cases

talking, snoring, and laughing

of all the places,

Being here, there, anywhere at all

it matters not, because stripped bear of this, that, and the other

love is nothing more than us, forever